Drew and Tom are joined by Steve Gardner.

Steve Gardner leads Ambassador Press, the research and communication arm of Ambassador Enterprises. As an author and curriculum writer, he previously worked for Crown Financial Ministries, where he developed the curriculum for international expansion. Steve began writing curricula in 1996 as a Vice President with Emerging Young Leaders. He has co-written or edited twenty published books and dozens of study curricula based on books and movies.

After graduating from Wheaton College in 1971 with a B.A. in Anthropology, Steve and his wife, Maria, traveled five continents as full-time concert and recording artists until 1996. They recorded 16 albums of largely original music while performing more than 4,000 concerts and 1,000 TV appearances. They hosted “Words of Hope,” a weekly TV show and “Marriage Matters,” a monthly radio program. Steve also hosted “Three Men and a Book,” a monthly live radio program.

Steve has served on the board of ALIVE Ministries and is currently on the elder board of Blackhawk Ministries and Secretary of the board for the Center for Family Conversations. A Certified Professional Coach, instrument-rated pilot, and USTA-rated tennis player (currently somewhere in the top million), he is also active in racquetball, squash, pickleball, scuba, and downhill skiing. Recent adventures include hang gliding and skydiving.

Steve and Maria have been married for 48 years and have one daughter and three grandchildren.

Steve’s mission and strategy: Mission: To aggressively pursue God's leading in every area of my life so that I can influence others by word and example to be followers of Christ

Strategy: To write truth in a way that captures the imagination, leading to transformation