This week, Drew is joined on the show by Roger Bootle, author of the book The Trouble With Markets.

Roger Bootle is one of the City of London’s best known economists, having worked in or around the financial markets since 1978. As well as being Managing Director of Capital Economics, he is also a Specialist Adviser to the House of Commons Treasury Committee and an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries. He was formerly Group Chief Economist at HSBC and, under the previous Conservative government, he was appointed one of the Chancellor’s panel of economic forecasters, the so-called “Wise Men”. He studied Economics at Oxford, and began his career in the academic world as a lecturer in Economics at St Anne’s College, Oxford.

He has written many articles and several books on monetary economics. Roger’s latest book, The Trouble with Markets, analyses the deep causes of the recent financial crisis and discusses the threats to capitalism arising from it.