This week, Drew and Tom are joined by Kathleen Burns Kingsbury.

In BREAKING MONEY SILENCE: How to Shatter Money Taboos, Talk More Openly About Finances, and Live a Richer Life (Praeger; September 30, 2017), wealth psychology expert Kathleen Burns Kingsbury dives into the taboo of money and taps into this neglected area of discourse from all perspectives—women, couples, parents, children, and wealth advisors—to offer a new vision for how we understand, communicate about, and plan for money. Empowering readers to defy the standard conventions around money, the book equips them with the practical tools to navigate difficult conversations, understand individual money mindsets, and futureproof one’s finances. Kingsbury shows how, by doing so, marriages and families can remain intact, businesses can enable financial literacy and thrive, and women can inch closer to financial equity.