Fred Amrein is a nationally recognized expert on the entire college funding process. His personal financial planning knowledge helps families make better college funding decisions. Fred’s unique approach brings together the financial aid process, college saving plans, educational tax strategies and the various financing options to lower the cost of education. In addition, he has an understanding of the importance of the educational outcome that includes knowledge of student loan repayment, consolidation and forgiveness.

He is the author of Financial Aid and Beyond: Secrets to College Affordability. As the book title imply, the college financial decision goes beyond the financial aid process for most families. Fred’s goal is to provide better financial information and improve the financial literacy within the college decision.

Fred also developed EFC PLUS, innovative college financial software that projects the financial outcome of each college based on each family’s financial situation. The EFC PLUS Planner software generates all of the complicated financial numbers for families and organizes it in one place.  As development continues, the EFC PLUS software will provide a solution from saving for college to student loan forgiveness, in one place. It will eliminate the complications and confusion that most student and parent face as they go through this process.

Fred has a MBA in finance and Bachelor degree in both accounting and marketing from Saint Joseph’s University. His is a board member for the National College Advocacy Group (NCAG) and a member of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors.