On August 14, 2013 Drew and Tim interviewed Barry Spencer, author of The Secret of Enduring Wealth.

Barry Spencer is creator of Wealth With No Regrets because of an entrepreneurial mindset of believing There Is A Better Way.  He had been pioneering leadership training, coaching and mentoring nationally and internationally when everything changed in a moment.  On a rainy west coast Florida day on April 10 at 12:10pm “The Charge” of a lifetime commenced.  Out of pain resulted in a passion to fulfill the charge and find a better way to serve wealthy families like his in planning for that future day, now. It was on that day his highly successful, 62 year old father died and left him with the charge, “Barry be sure you take care of your mother.”  Although a massive estate plan was in place the result was regrets. Barry’s triumph is in helping wealthy families remove the regrets wealth creates through his proprietary process, Wealth With No Regrets.