May 20 2022

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - May 11, 2022

Drew flies solo in this edition of the MRW Podcast and as usual, does a fine job talking with listener's and solving their financial questions. A few of the concerns that Drew address' are, Medicare, Social Security, IRAs and real estate.
The podcast is like Cracker Jack and is best savored at a slow and steady pace; it's an adventure.

May 11 2022

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - April 27, 2022

Mike joins Drew in this episode of the MRW Podcast. They talk with listeners about their concerns in reference to Probate Share, Twitter and Amazon Bonds.  These are just some of the topics that listeners call about and each episode is like a box of chocolates. Download and enjoy!

April 25 2022

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - April 20, 2022

Drew and Maddie join forces to answer listener's questions on topics ranging from capital gains to stopping social security payments. As usual there are more topics but we save the rest as a surprise; download and enjoy!

March 30 2022

MRW- Podcast - OPEN SHOW - March 23, 2022

Drew and Mike collaborate to talk with listeners about wills, tax brackets and what really makes a financial advisor a financial advisor. These are just some of the topics discussed but the episode description box limits the number of characters; think of the MRW Podcast as Cracker Jack for adults. Download and enjoy!

March 23 2022

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - March 16, 2022

Drew and Chris draw upon their experience and knowledge to tackle topics such as when it is best to either rent a home versus selling it, taxes associated with a trust bankruptcy and......?
You never know what is in the box until you open it so download, educate yourself but most of all, enjoy!

March 8 2022

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - March 02, 2022

As we start to end the first quarter of 2022, you'd think that taxes would be on everyone's mind. They might be however in this new episode of the MRW Pocast Drew and Mike talk with callers about everything else but taxes. The topics of international funds and Russia, Social Security and capital gains are a few that grab the spotlight. Enjoy!

February 24 2022

MRW - Podcast - Laurence (Larry) Kotlikoff (guest) - February 23, 2022

Drew talks with author and Economics Professor, Larry Kotlikoff about the things people can do to build a sound financial foundation where you can prosper.

February 18 2022

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - February 16, 2022

Drew headed North and flew into the studio where he was joined by Chris to answer listener's questions about auto insurance, using a 401k to buy a home and Roth IRAs. The goal is to download and enjoy but more importantly, educate. Call the Financial Consulate today and make an appointment to discuss your financial needs.

February 9 2022

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - February 02, 2022

In this new installment of the MRW podcast, Drew and Mike team up to share their collective knowledge on topics ranging from investment tax to taxes related to retiring out of the country. Yes, there are more things that are discussed but we don't want to spoil the surprise. Download and enjoy!

January 22 2022

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - January 19, 2022

Drew and Chris join forces to address listener's concerns in reference to Roth IRAs, Florida taxes, Ford stock and conversions. You can call the Financial Consulate to discuss your specific needs at 877-823-7283.

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