May 9 2021

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - April 28, 2021

Drew is joined by a friend, Ramon Baez who was a former CIO for HP and Kimberly-Clark; Ramon specialized in cybersecurity. It is an open show that answers listener's questions ranging from social security, estate taxes and the possible pitfalls of moving to another state but Ramon's insight to cybersecurity is something we should pay close attention to.

April 23 2021

MRW - Podcast - Danielle K. Roberts (guest) - April 21, 2021

Drew talks with author Danielle K. Roberts about Medicare. They give a brief overview to some of the ten costliest mistakes and how to avoid them when signing up for the program. On average, ten thousand people reach retirement age on a daily basis; the subject matter is a timely one in planning for your future financial needs.

April 13 2021

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - April 07, 2021

Drew and Mike take listener's calls and answer questions in reference to Power of Attorney, 401k, TSP account vs Roth IRA, continuing care expenses and L.L.C's. There is more but to find out what is discussed and how the situation might apply to you, download this most recent edition of the Money, Riches and Wealth Podcast. Better yet? Call the Financial Consulate at 877-823-7283 and set up your financial physical appointment today!

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - March 31, 2021

Drew and Chris team up to answer listener's questions on such diverse financial topics as Social Security, bit coin, VA benefits, federal pensions and that is only a small sample. Each episode of the Money, Riches and Wealth Podcast is different because everyone's financial needs are different. To get a personalized financial physical, call the Financial Consulate at 410-823-7283 and set up an appointment.

April 12 2021

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - March 24, 2021

Drew and Mike team up to answer listener's questions about such diverse topics as how to teach kids about saving, liquid money and the benefits of online banking versus a traditional brick and mortar location. There are more topics but it illustrates the depth of knowledge that the Financial Consulate team has and how they look out for your best interest.

March 15 2021

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - March 03, 2021

Drew and Chris talked with listeners on the topics of immigration and tax returns, the Maryland stimulus checks, real estate/capital gains tax and trust accounts just to name a few. If you have a question about your financial future, call the Financial Consulate toll free at 877-823-7283; proudly serving the Mid-Atlantic region.

March 1 2021

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - February 10, 2021

Drew discusses what to look for in a financial advisor, taking social security, state residency, reverse mortgages and much more.

February 10 2021

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - January 27, 2021

Drew and Mike talk with listeners about topics such as early retirement and Social Security, options you have in case you did not save enough to retire, the Biden tax plan and the growth of solar stocks.

March 18 2020

MRW - Podcast - Mary Beth Franklin (guest) - March 04. 2020

Drew is joined by Mary Beth Franklin to discuss Social Security.

September 27 2017

MRW - Podcast - Jack Freel (guest) - September 27, 2017 1

This week, Drew and Tom are joined by Social Security expert Jack Freel and take numerous listener questions on this most important issue.

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