October 4 2022

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - September 28, 23022

Mike rises to the occasion and joins Drew as they forge another path in the jungle known as personal finance. They take listener's calls and guide them on topics dealing with online savings accounts, ETFs and a few other topics of interest. Make an appointment with the Financial Consulate at 877-823-7283 and schedule your financial physical today!

September 12 2022

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - September 07, 2022

Drew was having some technical problems however the show must go on and with that Mike joins Drew as co-host of this new installment of the Money, Riches and Wealth podcast.
Together they answer listener's questions in reference to establishing a special needs trust, estate planning and Medicare. To hear the other topics that were discussed, all you have to do is download; enjoy!

September 2 2022

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - August 03, 2022

Drew and Mike team up to explain the difference between risk management and insurance and their symbiotic relationship.
However, the show was not entirely on that topic. If you want to know the other talking points that were discussed, a download is all you need.

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - July 27, 2022

Mike joins Drew to discuss a subject that most people think they have a firm grasp of; risk management. Together they clarify and dispel some of the myths associated with the topic. In addition to risk management they help callers with Social Security, financial gifts and irrevocable trusts. To get a financial physical with the Financial Consulate, call the office at 877-823-7283.

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - July 20, 2022

Chris joins Drew in this bill of fare known as the Money, Riches and Wealth podcast. Together they answer listeners calls on topics ranging from charity to medicare and everyone's favorite; Social Security. If you are a regular listener/follower of the show you know these are just some of the appetizers on the menu; the main course is the download. So dig in and afterwards enjoy the desert that is the knowledge you will have gained. Bon appetit! 

September 1 2022

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - July 13, 2022

Drew is flying solo in this installment of the Money, Riches and Wealth Podcast. Drew helps listeners by sharing his knowledge as callers journey through the turbulence associated with financial planning and investments. In this edition, Drew navigates through such topics as blue chip stocks, the clarification of the Maryland Retirement Income Tax Elimination Act and getting remarried late in life. It is all here and all you have to do is download, fasten your seatbelt, and enjoy.

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - July 06, 2022

Drew and Mike team up for the second week in a row to help callers understand what a spousal IRA is, what are H-Bonds and quantitative easing.
There is always more but to find out, a few clicks will allow you to listen to the podcast and find out what other hidden gems are awaiting your discovery.

July 2 2022

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - June 22, 2022

Mike and Drew are together again in this new installment of the Money, Riches and Wealth podcast. They help listeners understand the complexities of the Government Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), I-Bonds and Annuities. Yes, there is more but there is a limited number of characters the description can hold. So how do you find out what else there is; download. Enjoy!

July 1 2022

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - June 08, 2022

Maddie, a relative newcomer to the staff of the Financial Consulate, joins Drew and together they talk with listeners about technological advancements and their impact on investing, applying for Medicare and the pros and cons of a long term care insurance policy. The shows are excellent tools but to get a better picture of your financial future call the Financial Consulate at 877- 823-7283 for your financial physical.

MRW - Podcast - Raj Goel (guest) - June 01, 2022

As the population of the U.S. ages, many people are taking care of their parents while they themselves are preparing to leave their children. As a result of this trend and changing statutes, Drew talks with Raj Goel who is an attorney who specializes in elder care and estate planning. It is an episode you not only want to download but keep for reference.

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