September 17 2020

MRW - Podcast - Robert Ehrlich, Jr. and Nino Mangione (guests) - September 16, 2020

Drew is joined by former Maryland Governor Robert L. Ehrlich, Jr. and Maryland State Delegate Nino Mangione to discuss how the upcoming election could impact personal finance.

February 16 2012

MRW Podcast - Dr. Walter Williams (guest)

This week, Drew and Tim are joined by Dr. Walter Williams, author of the new book Race and Economics: How Much Can Be Blamed on Discrimination?

Walter E. Williams is an American economist, commentator, author and academic.  He is the John H. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University, as well as a syndicated columnist and author.  Raised in the housing projects of North Philadelphia, Dr. Williams believes the government’s intervention more often harms rather than helps in issues of race and economy.  He joins us tonight to discuss his two newest books: His autobiography published in 2010 called Up From The Projects, and his newest release, Race & Economics: How much can be blamed on discrimination?

November 7 2011

MRW Podcast - Burt and Anita Folsom (guests)

This week, Drew and Tim are joined by Burt and Anita Folsom. Burt Folsom is a professor of History at Hillsdale College and his wife, Anita, has directed Hillsdale College's Free Market Forum for five years. They are the co-authors of a new book FDR Goes to War. Burt and Anita are joining the show to discuss their new book and Burt's previous book New Deal or Raw Deal?


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