January 6 2022

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - January 05, 2022

Drew starts off 2022 flying solo in this new edition of the Money, Riches and Wealth podcast. Listeners called in to contribute topics as diverse as elder care to the making of a portfolio and the intrinsic value of a Roth IRA versus a 401k. Download, learn but most of all enjoy this and all installments of the Money, Riches and Wealth Podcasts. Happy New Year!

December 9 2021

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - December 08, 2021

Drew and Maddie join forces to answer several listener's financial questions. They address the subject matter of long term care insurance, the history of Social Security, the definition of a Q.C.D and a few other topics. To find out more, download and enjoy! To talk about your personal financial needs, call the Financial Consulate at 877-823-7283.

November 18 2021

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - November 17, 2021

Mike joins Drew in this new episode of the Money, Riches and Wealth podcast to help listeners get answers to their personal financial questions. Some of the topics that are touched on range from Medicare to giving mutual funds as gifts to Bitcoin. There are more so download and enjoy!

November 15 2021

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - November 10, 2021

Drew and Mike combine their skills to talk with listeners about the intricacies of moving from Maryland, the tax implications for out of state investment property and Medicare. These are some of the items discussed in this episode. After you listen and you need help with your personal financial situation, call the Financial Consulate at 877-823-7283.

November 4 2021

MRW - Podcast - Todd Boyle (guest) - November 03, 2021

Drew talks with Todd about the various aspects of insurance.

October 22 2021

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - October 20, 2021

Maddie joins Drew in this installment of the Money, Riches and Wealth podcast to help listeners learn about social security and survivor benefits, medicare, long term insurance and....? Download and find out what the podcast contains since the description box is limited to list all of the topics. Enjoy!

October 6 2021

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - September 29, 2021

Drew and Mike unite to become the financial planning database ready to be mined. Listeners took advantage of the situation by asking questions about property transfer, health saving accounts, guardianship and annuities. If we told you all of the topics covered you would not experience the joy of downloading and listening. If you can't wait, give the Financial Consulate a call at 877-823-7283 to make an appointment and discover how they can help you.

July 31 2021

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW - July 28, 2021

Drew and Mike talk with listeners about their concerns with financial planning fees, general investing, gold, and settlements. If you are a regular follower of the show you know there is more content than this brief description but this box can only hold so much information. To find out what other topics were discussed or to get more information on those that were mentioned; download and enjoy!

June 26 2021

MRW - Podcast - OPEN SHOW- June 23, 2021

Drew and Mike talked with listeners about IRS payments, beneficiaries, spousal benefits and social security, 401Ks and many other subjects associated with financial planning. To learn more; download and enjoy!

June 11 2021

MRW - Podcast - Chip Merlin (guest) - June 02, 2021

Drew talks with Chip Merlin about settling disputes with an insurance company.

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