December 26 2012

MRW Podcast - Moshe Silver (Guest)

This week, Drew and Tim are joined on air by Moshe Silver, author of Fixing a Broken Wall Street.

Moshe Silver has spent three decades on Wall Street and is Chief Compliance Officer at Hedgeye Risk Management.  In addition to his Columbia MBA, Moshe’s depth and breadth of experience are unique for a compliance professional.  He was a producing broker at Bear Stearns and PaineWebber, and more recently a hedge fund compliance officer at Millennium and Carlyle Blue-Wave Partners.  In between, he has run brokerage branch operations and been director of compliance at the regional, national and global level.  Moshe’s talent with language and expertise with a pen (he holds a Masters Degree in creative writing from The New School) make him a multiple threat player.  Moshe authors the regular Hedgeye featured column “Slouching Towards Wall Street” and scours the Latin American press daily to add detail – and the occasional scoop – to Hedgeye’s in-depth coverage of Brazil.

December 14 2012

MRW Podcast - Zack Pace (Guest)

This week, Drew is joined by Zack Pace - Senior Vice President of Benefits Consulting at CBIZ. Zack joins the program to discuss the impact the Affordable Health Care Act will have on small businesses.

December 13 2012

MRW Podcast - Greg Valliere (Guest)

This week, Drew and Tim are joined by political strategist Greg Valliere discussing the Fiscal Cliff.

With over 30 years of experience in covering Washington for institutional investors, Greg Valliere coordinates political and economic research for Potomac Research Group. He focuses on how Congress and the White House shape fiscal policies and monitors the Federal Reserve Board’s interest rate policies. Prior to joining Potomac Research, Mr. Valliere served as Chief Policy Strategist for Soleil Securities Corporation. He previously held key strategy roles at Charles Schwab’s Washington Research Group and The Washington Forum. Mr. Valliere co-founded The Washington Forum in 1974, serving as Chief Political Analyst and editor of the group’s publications, and ultimately as Research Director.


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